Caberg Duke II Legend Matt Black/Fluo [One (OSX) balaclava included with this product free of charge])

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 Caberg Duke Legend Flip Front - Matt Black / Fluo Yellow. One (OSX) balaclava included with this product free of charge

  • Five star SHARP rated
  • Dual homologated (P/J rated)
  • Fully removable and washable lining
  • Adjustable top ventilation with inner air channels
  • Removable stop wind
  • Pinlock ready - supplied with a clear Pinlock
  • Anti-scratch inner visor
  • Prepped for Bluetooth intercom 
  • 5 position external visor


Evolution has taken place - introducing the Caberg Duke. By taking the best attributes from its predecessors (the Caberg Trip and then the Caberg Konda), the Duke has well and truly struck the balance between price, function and quality.

The Duke Legend is a graphic colour scheme which compliments the solid colours that are also available. The graphics add a sporty edge to the daring lines of the Caberg Duke.

The Duke has successfully achieved dual homologation (P/J rating), which means that you can ride (legally) with the Duke in 'flip up' or 'flip down' position. The mechanism that makes this possible is located at the left hand side of the helmet in the form of a discreet switch. Simply move this switch to lock the flip front section up.

Modern touches have helped place the Duke firmly at the forefront of the flip front helmet market. The introduction of the highly acclaimed Pinlock system (used by the likes of Shoei and HJC in their top flight helmets) has been a major advancement. To use a Pinlock, the visor needs to be pre-prepared with small, fixed 'pegs' which, when a Pinlock is installed, become the mounting points for the Pinlock. The Pinlock acts like a double glazing insert which prevents visor misting like no other product. The Pinlock insert can be removed, cleaned and re-inserted time and time again.

A dark tinted, fully retractable sun visor gives the option of instant protection from the glare of the sun. When on the road, bikers have no access to a sun visor, nor can they reach for their sunglasses on the move (unlike our car driving counterparts), which made the introduction of an internal sun visor a huge step for motorcyclists worldwide. Fully legal, this dark tinted visor can be down within moments by operating the simple mechanism on top of the helmet. This can be done easily while wearing gloves and when on the move.

The stylish lines of the outer visor give the Caberg Duke a more aggressive look, which certainly helps the Duke stand out from the crowd. The visor has a '5 point system' which allows 5 different, definite visor position options.

The chin area of the Duke offers increased ventilation, further adding to the anti-fog properties of this helmet. Below the chin area, on the underside of the helmet you will find a 'chin curtain'. This rather insignificant looking addition has a job to do. Wind noise and draughts are greatly reduced as a result. Furthermore, a removable 'stop wind' circles from the chin and around the back of the neck, which goes yet another step to decrease wind (and therefore noise), increasing rider comfort as a result.

The liner of the Duke can be completely removed and washed gently by hand. By nature, motorcycle helmets can, over time, become havens for bacteria, so to have the option of cleansing the liners is important for many bikers.

Designed and fully manufactured in Italy, the Duke brings Italian flair for design, function and quality to the heads of motorcyclists worldwide.

The Duke meets the ECE-2205 safety standard (the European-wide safety standard for motorcycle helmets).

XS   53/54
S     55/56
M    57/58
L      59/60
XL   61/62

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